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What people say about the Ultimate Digital Courses

“An incredible experience both in location and course contents. I have learned more in photography during this course than any other course I have attended. The skill sets acquired go beyond wild-life photography and help you understand the underlying basics in photography in challenging conditions, which are very different to day-to-day photography. Understanding the equipment as well as the software tools available is essential to maximise the results for photographic opportunities that are often unique and rare. The Ultimate Digital Course provides not just the understanding, but also these unique and rare photographic opportunities during the Game Drives."”
Raoul Lorenz, Germany

“I went on the Ultimate Digital Course as a beginner, not knowing much about the SLR camera that I had bought. Manus patiently went through the camera functions and taught me the basics of photography, ISO's and F-Stops, etc. Then it was time to put the theory into practice. We went on game drives in the most amazing setting of Sabi Game Reserve, able to get up close to the animals. Even in our first outing, I was able to go from a blurred photograph to one which was pin sharp under the tuition of Manus. His ever present encouragement and advice proved invaluable and I still have his comments come to mind when I take photographs on my own.
The practical side of the course is incredible due to the sightings in Sabi and the input of Manus. The theory side is intensive with information presented in flow diagrams to help the student understand the photographic process. Being able to use the Photoshop tools while on the course, on my own photos, cemented the information I had been given.
I was very proud of the photographs (and the knowledge) that I came away with.”
Mandy Marais, South Africa

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  • George de Beer
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    “Armed with a good basic knowledge of how to use my camera, Manus's Ultimate Photography course in the bush took my learning to a whole new level. Classroom lessons on location deepened my understanding of the theory - but putting it all into practice in the bush was an intense learning experience. Intensely challenging, enjoyable, satisfying ..... and so exhilarating when you get "the shot". Responding to the ever changing dynamics of light and exposure conditions, anticipating animal behaviour, composing images that emerge in front of your eyes demanded a speed of thought and action that pressure tested all the knowledge and theory I had gained in the classroom. A brilliant way to enjoy the bush and take great photos!”
    Martyn and Norma Boultwood, Wales

    “Thanks for an unforgettable Course in the Sabi Sands. The Course content and presentation were excellent. What makes this course extra special is the Game Drives with only four Photographers and Manus as you Professional Personal Advisor. This is truly the Ultimate Digital Course”
    Dirk and Jana Kotze, South Africa

    “A short note to say how much we all enjoyed the five days with you at Nkhoro. The game viewing and photographic opportunities were amazing. To have witnessed two kills in a matter of days, was spectacular. Your instruction and advice in- situ was spot on, and the Lightroom 3 course most enlightening. We will be back!”
    Jan and Cindy, South Africa

    “There is a "before" and an "after" the course. The quality of my pictures has greatly improved, thanks to the knowledge I acquired during with Manus. Great photo opportunities thanks to the use of a private vehicle. I will certainly come back to do it again.”
    Regine Denaegel, Belgium

    “The Ultimate Digital Course is just that – Ultimate. And the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve has to be the best place in Southern Africa to see a vast array of wild animals – especially the elusive leopard. Coupled with a motivated and informative tutor, the Ultimate Digital Course provided me with a greater understanding of my Canon EOS camera and its functions, and also gave me an in depth knowledge of why it is important to capture images in RAW and how to then edit and convert them in Lightroom. All aspects of the Course were great, the tutor was helpful and humorous, and the location and hospitality of the Lodge and its staff in the Sabi Sand was simply perfect. If you are keen to learn more about your camera and the process of converting your images from camera to computer to print, and you want to take that ultimate picture of a buffalo or elephant, lion or leopard, or even a rhino, then this is the Course for you, even if you are travelling from as far away as New Zealand!”
    Tracey Paskell, New Zealand

    “I attended the Ultimate Digital Course twice in so many years and it is highly recommendable, worth the expense. The setting at Nkoro Lodge is perfect, but most of all, with Manus as your tutor you will have to go a long way to get a better and more practical one, and I have had a few!”
    Hennie Conradie, South Africa

    “The Ultimate Course at Nkorho Sabi Sands in Greater Kruger National park. Its is a visual feast of opportunities. Every day when you go out with your 4 class mate and Manus and the Nkorho crew it’s a challenge. Between my husband and I we attended the course since 2008 every year not to redo the course but for the experience and the knowledge that Manus teach you, like camera technique and moments where you do not know what will present itself next. Ever since we did the course not once it felt we waste our time or money, it’s just unbelievable experience you cannot tell anyone you have to do it yourself to understand. From all the inhouse course and Ultimate course we attend we have all the confident to have our own website”
    Rumick & Riana Van Schalkwyk, South Africa

    “Sophia and I attended the Ultimate digital course during September 2011. Apart from the wonderful stay at Nkoro lodge we were spoiled with the most spectacular sightings of Leopard and lion kills. What a wonderful experience with Manus at the end to assist and help wherever he can not only in the classroom but in the field as well. His knowledge and experience  on Lightroom and animal behaviour is exceptional. All our expectations were more than satisfied and we can recommend this course as a must for any serious nature photographer.”
    Willie and Sophia Labuschagne, South Africa

    “I’ve done the Ultimate course at Nkorho twice, I can’t think of any better way of improving your wildlife photographic skills than with the EOS Road show courses. Manus taught me what “ pin sharp “ means, and that you must now how to operate your camera without looking at it to adjust settings , in the bush you’ve only got a split second to take a picture . This course is a must for any serious wildlife photography enthusiasts , you’ll be trained by the best , why go for second best ! My pictures have gone from ZERO to WOW! in one course.”
    Deon Oosthuizen, South Africa

    “The course was a unique combination of practical work followed by theory in the classroom. The fieldwork opportunities were stunning, something one would never get on one’s own. And Manus’s in-depth knowledge of theory of light, cameras and software, as well as his attentive personal assistance – not to mention a range of practical tips – made this a turning point in the improvement and enjoyment of my photography.”
    Willem Landman, South Africa

    “Once in every solar system, but only once ....... do you get an opportunity that will change your course of life. For our family, this was a life changing experience where our thirst for knowledge was not only saturated but inspirational & challenged us within the realms of the digital world. Manus is articulate in communication. His practical & classroom application steps are set out to build on that day’s experience. You are left with the intense desire to know more. Highly professional & recommendable.”
    Frans, Tokkie and Pieterse family, South Africa

    “I really enjoyed the Ultimate Digital course presented by Manus at Nkoro lodge, it was top class, very interesting and informative, not only did I get to learn a lot on using Lightroom and how to process and catalogue photos I also benefited from Manus's knowledge on camera use as well as lenses and how they can affect focus and depth of field. The Leopard viewing was superb and the photographic opportunities were great.”
    Andrew Schoeman, South Africa